Our Mission

It is our mission at Prairie Lake Tavern to provide a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience to all of our guests. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will strive to deliver quality products and service at competitive prices.  


Bill and Cindy MacDaniels are hard at work on yet another project, bringing back to life a beloved icon of our town, Prairie Lake Tavern. Many people remember with fondness the good friends and good times they once had at the old Prairie Lake Tavern. Stories of the crowded, dim lit, dinner hot spot are never in shortage. These stories, along with the never ending search for a good steak inspired the MacDaniels to purchase the Tavern and restore its charm and appeal for everyone to enjoy. Purchased in June of 2012 much needed construction started shortly there after. The rustic interior remains along with specialty menu items that were widely enjoyed. We look forward to creating new memories with old, and new friends alike, here at... Prairie Lake Tavern.